Quota International of Toowoomba

PO Box 3167


Toowoomba QLD 4350

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More About Us ..

The Quota International of Toowoomba Club was the first formed in 1950 and was the first club in Queensland. Unfortunately that original Club disbanded in 1983 but was recreated in June 1989 with 21 Charter Members, some of whom are still in our Quota Club today.

Today’s Quota International of Toowoomba Club has 12 members and a number of Friends of Quota who help out with our annual events and join us for some of our fun times.

1989-1990 Lyn Crighton
1990-1992 Beth Pledger
1992-1994 Sharon Mills
1994-1996 Elaine Vayro
1996-1997 Trina Timbs
1997-1998 Colleen Leslie
1998-1999 Debbie Smith
1999-2001 Cheryl Wilson
2001-2002 Gwenda Williams
2002-2003 Marjorie Carter
2004 Pam Scott
2005-2006 Shirley Shelton
2006-2007 Margaret Schulz
2007-2009 Julianne Caines
2009-2011 Cheryl Wilson
2011-2012 Jeni Neary

Donations in Kind

Manna House - groceries, goods, linen

Fresh Hope - menu planning etc.

Red Cross Blood Bank - blood donations

Toowoomba Hospitals - lavender bags for breast cancer patients

St Lukes Christmas Trees Display - tree display and roster duties

Local High Schools - citizenship awards, trophies for Speech Days & Nights

Guide Dogs - sale of guide dog toys and raffles at shopping centres .. and more..

2010-2011 Donations - $12,671+

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation  

QI 30th District / SP&H Fellowship  

QI Science Camp Sponsorship  AEIOU

Qld Cancer Council Morning Tea  

Murphy’s Ck/Grantham Flood Appeal

Healthy Little Ears Kits  

QI Club to Club

Agoonaree Scout Camp  

Christchurch NZ Special School

QI 30th District Child Support

Fresh Hope

Daffodil Day Cancer Appeal  

Toowoomba Historical Society

Tanna Island Fiji Health Kits

Hear & Say Centre

Beenleigh Eisteddford & Junior QClub

Manna House Women’s Refuge

Tba West Sp Ed Unit Flood Repair

High School Comm Service Awards

Guide Dogs Association

Toowoomba Hospice